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Batman Year 1 Empty Batman Year 1

Post  Poppa CTP on Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:56 am

I had a chance to watch this last night and it was pretty interesting. They really showed Bruce Wayne's journey as extremely violent. Not a movie for kids. Jim Gordon's was just as good if not better. Wild to see Batman so vulnerable as he was. What is your thoughts?

Poppa CTP
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Batman Year 1 Empty Loved it!

Post  Uncle Jaxx on Tue Nov 29, 2011 10:35 pm

GOtta say I loved teh film noir aspect of it..the grittieness..and it actually felt like it was bats first year..taking the mantle on...wishing for the sign from his father, making mistakes..his first attempts to get in the mud and the grime that became gotham...watching a different aspect of Gordon was GREAT...seeing him as the whistleblower..but then seeing him protecting his family..and not liking what Gotham was about..and being the one to want to change things..I expected it to be batman heavy..quite a surprise..thoroughly enjoyed..!

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