Identifyimg M2 Machines Chase Vehicles

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Identifyimg M2 Machines Chase Vehicles Empty Identifyimg M2 Machines Chase Vehicles

Post  Admin Bill on Wed Nov 23, 2011 10:26 pm

M2 Machines makes some of the most detailed and affordable diecast on the market. They put out new releases of between 3 and 6 vehicles often enough to keep the collectors interested. Each of these releases has a "Wild Goose" or more commonly known as a CHASE piece and some have a limited piece as well. The Chase vehicles are not as common as Treasure Hunts and the Limited's are even rarer. So what do these special pieces look like you may ask? Well, they come in many forms. The most common to spot is The all Black paint with Gold detailing; Bumpers, Rims, Trim and Interior. Some wil have a flat Gray primer paint job and some will be painted Blue, Red or Green with White Trim and tires molded in the same color as the paint. Ground Pounders are Burgandy with Gold trim while Auto Drags are all White with sponsors like Mr. Gasket or Pep Boys. The Limiteds can be a Clear Body or an all Chrome paint job. They can also be Blue with Gold trim or even Gold with Gold Trim. All of the Chase and Limiteds can be viewed here: Happy Hunting! pirat
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