Finding Hotwheels Treasure Hunts

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Finding Hotwheels Treasure Hunts Empty Finding Hotwheels Treasure Hunts

Post  Admin Bill on Sat Oct 08, 2011 11:38 am

Hotwheels Treasure Hunts are some of the easiest diecat "CHASE" cars to spot. All have a green stripe down the right side of the card, which makes spotting them on the pegs quick and painless. There is an exception for the 2012 Super Treasure hunts that I will explain at a later time. Going through the sidekicks can be a little more difficult but not nearly as bad as rumaging through the dump bins Walmart sometimes puts out. The best stratagy for these is to grab a shopping cart and transfer the cars as you search. Please be a curtious collector and don't leave a cart full of cars in the aisle, put them back. If you take your time you can stack the cars in rowswhich usually leaves more room in the bin for more cars. Being curtious also leads to conversation with the employees who may be persuaded to bring out additional cases to fill the bin. This allows you to look through the unopened cases finding even more gems. Happy hunting and lets hear your tips and tricks!

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